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 What Is MsgZoo All About?

 An Online Experiment. Let's See What Happens.

It's about restoring freedom to the Internet.

In recent times far too many websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other well known social media websites have been heavily censoring and in more severe cases, even banning users and deleting accounts simply because the site owners disagree with what they share. Even worse than that, some of those websites even track what other websites their users visit and other online behaviour to make those decissions.

MsgZoo provides a safe anonymous, censor free environment (as in not involuntarily removed) where site visitors can contribute messages, comments and replies about any topic without the risk of censorship. Messages can be marked private, meaning only those who you share a private message ID with is able to view it.

We understand that some people may view the time limited nature of messages posted on this site to be a form of website censorship. However, the decision to add a time limit and self destruct methods to messages was not made to do that, but to provide the best form of anonymity for message posters as this website does not keep any records of messages or who posted them once their expiry time is exceeded.

The time limit, then destruction of messages including all comments and replies related to that message also caters for an online chatting knowing that once the time limit of the main message is exceeded all records are deleted. Private messages can also be used for that purpose.

Profanity is disguised as **** by default, but as any user has the choice to display profanity or keep it disguised in the personal website viewing preference settings which means that the original message is still viewable in it's original form if the reader so chooses.


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Доставка алкоголя в Екатеринбурге

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 Why Use MsgZoo?

Do you have a message, important information, a secret, a love letter, a rant, some praise or even just something you want to publish for a brief time and stay completely anonymous in the process?

MsgZoo gives you that platform.

 MsgZoo is perfect for:

  •  Whistle blowers wanting to stay anonymous.
  •  Getting all sorts of messages out.
  •  Revealing secrets.
  •  Having online chats with no records left behind.
  •  Private messaging & chatting.
  •  Venting. Go on... you'll feel better.

 How to use MsgZoo for secret, private messaging.

First of all, establish your own code with whoever you are wanting to share the message with to let them know to use MsgZoo to read your messages.

Post your message selecting “Private Message (Not Public)” for the category. Be sure to set the message expiry time that will allow for the recipient to read it in time before it self destructs.

Once the message is posted make a note of the eight digit message ID. Using the method of your choice don't send the URL, only send the message ID to the recipient.

If you want to add an extra level of secrecy, you can disguise the actual eight digit message ID by adding extra characters or altering the ID in a way that that you have already organised with the recipient.

Examples: Original Message ID is 10776830

  • Add ‘3921’ to the start and ‘8290’ to the end results in 3921107768308290
  • Swap the last two numbers with the first two resulting in 30776810
  • Combine adding and swapping 3921307768108290
  • Encode the message ID use your own two way encryption method.

You can using you own creativity to disguise your MsgZoo message ID any way you choose, just remember to make sure the recipient already knows how to decode the coded message ID you send them.

Another way to hide the message URL is to mix in letters and characters into the message ID.
Eg. 99540726 could be changed to 9@9c?54j:[07-*(26 in the short link and it will still open the same private message.



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