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What Is The Purpose Of MsgZoo?

MsgZoo is an experiment that has been created to provide a safe and free platform for anyone to anonymously post any sort of message to the world or selectively share a private one with one or more people and have it self destruct at a selected time.

All visitors here at MsgZoo have the ability to add comments to messages and to reply to comments with a unique user ID that is automatically assigned when you first visit the website. A lot of thought has gone into how this can be accomplished and still allow for anonymity.

How Is That Accomplished?

Because there are no user accounts to use MsgZoo, there is no need for MsgZoo to keep any identifying records of visitors or users of the website. The user IDs are generated by taking the IP address of each visitor, adding some extra data and encrypting it in a non reversible manner to end up with an eight digit number. If they wish, visitors can even add more ‘salt’ (dummy data) to use in the generation of their user ID in the website settings page.

Do Messages Really Self Destruct?

Yes, at least here at MsgZoo. Once the expiry time is reached, each message and all comments and replies relating to it are completely deleted from the website. The only records left behind are the number of views, comments and or replies made as additions to the counters only.

Be aware that just because messages are deleted once their self destruct time period is past, that other sites, such as Google, Bing, the Way Back Machine etc. may take a snapshot and cache messages that are publicly posted here. Even so, the identity of anyone posting will always remain anonymous.

Are Private Messages Really Private Then?

Unless a link to a private message is posted on another public website where it can be followed by one of the search engines and or caching services, private messages will remain only visible to those with whom the URL or message ID has been shared. Once they self destruct there will be no record on the Internet of that message at all. As long as the message URL and ID remain private, there is no way for the robots that crawl the Internet to find it.