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 How MsgZoo Protects Your Privacy

Last Updated: January 21st 2019.


 Your User Name

The user name that is provided for you while you use this site is automatically generated using the IP address that your computer is using to access

Your current IP address, (only you can see that) is encoded in a special way along with any modifier text you may have added in the  Settings Page, and converted to an eight digit number which becomes your user name (71070432).

Your user name will only be stored in's database if you make any posts, comments or replies for up to 730 hours maximum and can not be reverse engineered to discover your IP address.

Your actual IP address is not stored in any form.

You will only be identified as 71070432 for any posts you make to this website and may be different next time you return unless your IP address is a fixed one, is still the same or you set a new username modifier text in the site settings.

 How Long Data Is Stored For

All data related to any posted Message is permanently deleted automatically at a time set by the user posting the original message and no later than a maximum of 730 hours after it has been published. This includes all user names, subject, message, private links, view counts, comments and replies.

 Permanently Stored Information

For statistic purposes, the only permanently stored data is total activity counts. That includes: Total number of messages posted, total number of private messages posted, total combined message views (private & public), total number of comments and replies posted. That is all.

 Private Links

Any message posted with the option to keep private will not appear in the public list of messages.

The private link will only be displayed on screen once after posting a private message. Be sure to copy the private message URL and or message ID so you can view or share it.

Private messages can only be viewed by people who have been provided with the private link to the message.

 Site Cookies

Cookies are used to set your personal preferences and viewing experience for the MsgZoo website.

Cookies are only set if you make any changes to the default site settings, by changing viewing order of messages, your preferred timezone, show or hide Not Safe For Work content or censor profanity or display it etc. You can also choose to delete any cookies set by this website from the  Settings Page.

To read more information about how cookies are used on this site view the  Cookies Page